Our Firm

Located in the heart of Rome in the prestigious Bernini building, close to the Spanish Steps, the Law Firm Cannata- FuturoForense,  provides integrated legal assistance in keys areas of civil and commercial  law to a selective clientele, Italian and foreign,  multinational and specialized companies, offering a complete and qualified assistance, in the field of judicial litigation, arbitration and mediation and extra-judicial legal advice.

The goal that the Firm has always set itself, in  the line drawn by the founder, is to ensure higher level  of the professionalism, so that the legal assistance provided to customers meets the highest quality standards.

In our Firm, legal problems are faced with an open and in-depth perspective: not a single specialization, therefore, but a complex and varied range of expertise gained over the years, so that each specific case is addressed with a holistic approach.

In addition to legal assistance and advice in the areas of civil and commercial law, we maintain a close relationship of collaboration with  of counsel leading experts in financial law and tax advisors, who collaborate with our Firm  continuously.

We believe that  the legal profession must be carried out without losing sight of the human and fiduciary relationship with the clients and, therefore, among our main objectives is that  to facilitate the needs of customers increasingly looking for quick and appropriate solutions to their specific needs, ensuring timely legal assistance, with transparency of costs.