Family law

The Firm offers consultance and assistance in judicial and extra-judicial litigations in  Family law.
In particular activities areas include:

  • interdiction, disqualification, support administration procedures;
  • marital agreements and coexistence agreements;
  • judicial declaration of paternity and denial of paternity procedures;
  • judgements before the Juvenile Court, included the ablative and parental procedures;
  • judgements before the probate judge;
  • separation and divorce;
  • procedure of change conditions of separation and divorce;
  • judgements for the allocation of 40% of severance pay to the divorce spouse, and the allocation of pension share;
  • annulment marriage judgements;
  • inheritances litigations;

In management of family law litigations the Firm relies on the advice of family mediators and excellent psychotherapists to help client addressing the problem arose into the family, in all its complexity.

The Firm also relies of investigation agencies to give usable evidences and useful elements to positively conclusion of litigation. The client is assisted, inter alia, in any controversy referring to:

  • the separation and the divorce;
  • the amendment of the conditions set forth in the separation or in the divorce;
  • the issues concerning the custody of children before the Juvenile Court;
  • the division of the property;
  • the acknowledgment or disavowal of paternity;
  • interdiction, disqualification and support administration proceedings;
  • claims for damages arising out of breach of parental duties.